The implant has local anesthesia, under outpatient basis and none sleeping. During a buttock augmentation is possible to follow the process, opining about the application. The only recommendation for postoperative is to keep (the surgery region) away from any physical effort for at least a week. Exercise for the gluteus requires medical authorization.

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1000CC PMMA BUTTOCK INJECTIONS has good tolerance among women and men, being ahead of liposculpture and of the sore silicone implants, which requires hospitalization. While a small silicone prosthesis has 300ml and fixed form, the PMMA is a liquid implant with microspheres that are shaped according to the objective of buttock augmentation. Moreover, on the liposuction, the injected fat is resorbable, while PMMA is definitive.

Treatments against cellulite can be combined with buttock augmentation. Caused by the accumulation of fibrosis, in its most severe stage, cellulite can cause lumps and pain. The indicated treatment in these cases is a subcision. A clearing technique that reduces the fibrosis under the skin, softening the imperfections of the region. Once done, buttock augmentation helps in the restoration of the gluteus shape.